How many degrees is car air conditioning cooling? Does the air conditioner only cool at 16 degrees
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First of all, the car's air conditioning is not open will be refrigeration, directly open, the air conditioning will only blow, no matter how long is not refrigeration. After turning on your car's air conditioner, you should also press the A/C switch on the center console, so that the air conditioner will turn on the cooling mode and cool directly. At the same time, the temperature of general automobile air conditioning is about 16-28 degrees, so it is impossible to refrigeration 16 degrees. It should be noted that if it is automatic air conditioning, it needs to be opened when the external temperature is not less than 5 degrees Celsius. Because the automatic air conditioning can sense the temperature of the outside world, and then adjust the temperature of the air conditioning according to the outside temperature, in order to improve the comfort of the driver. If you want to manually control the cooling, you can find the automatic air conditioning switch in the central console and turn it off. Car air conditioning how fast refrigeration? 1. If the car is exposed to the sun before driving, do not immediately turn on the air conditioning to cool the car. If conditions permit, the four doors of the car can be opened, and open the external circulation of the air conditioning, so that the air circulation in the car. After 2-3 minutes, turn on the cooling mode of the air conditioner. 2, according to the principle of air convection, hot air will go up, cool air will flow down. Therefore, you can move the air outlet of the air conditioning up, so that the air conditioning will flow from the top down, can quickly cool down. 3, the air conditioning temperature is too low, the car's fuel consumption will increase, so when the temperature in the car drops to a suitable degree, the air conditioning temperature should be increased to reduce fuel consumption.